Correct food storage saves time and money, allowing you to batch cook, save left-overs and money on bulk buying ingredients. So, when good food goes bad because of incorrect storage it is both a waste of time and money.

Identifying the problem and taking steps to change it will make a huge difference in the outcome. Here are some tips to help determine the storage life of your items and how to properly freeze them:


Containers are key when it comes to appropriate food storage and maximizing the space in your freezer. Using a freezer bag is ideal for liquids, fruits, and vegetables, with the bonus of not taking up much space.

You can place them in the freezer on their side to create a flat shape that can be stacked and moved as required. This is ideal when you are planning on freezing multiple items and have limited space.

Freeze Smart

To avoid strange shapes and crushing delicate items, you should freeze them first. Once completed you can stack them in a freezer bag and they will be safe from breakage.

This also helps prevent items from sticking together and having to be unfrozen in batches instead of portions.

Label Everything

While you may have a good memory and the confidence you will recognize the items in your freezer, sometimes this is not the case. Get into the habit of labeling the item with its contents and the date cooked.

This will prevent you from eating something that’s expired or defrosting the wrong item! If you are not sure whether the food is still eatable, make sure to check before consuming it.

Freeze Appropriate Portions

Freezing food is supposed to make your life easier, so ensure the correct amount is stored in one go. This will depend on your household and the appetites of those who live in it.

It is not recommended to try and refreeze food after it is thawed so save yourself having to cook more/eat the same meal for days!

Reduce Air Exposure

Try to ensure there is minimal air in storage containers to prevent freezer burn. If your container isn’t full then you can put plastic wrap over the top of the food to keep it contained.

This will keep your food in the best condition and prevent potential wastage. Where possible try and purchase a range of storage containers to save space and give your food the best conditions possible.