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Cleanest Restaurants in Dublin and London

Dublin and London are famous for their delicious food and fine dining restaurants. There has never been a better time to eat in the capital city of Ireland that is Dublin and some fabulous hidden gems in London UK. New restaurants are always popping up and there are still some very popular restaurants with some mouthwatering dishes you will only love. Not only is the food exceptional but there are some of the cleanest restaurants in Dublin and London. Some with amazing décor and will surely impress you, a real delight to eat in. So, let’s look at some of the cleanest restaurants in Dublin and London.

Dublin Restaurants  


Pacino’s is the leading Italian food restaurant in Dublin, Ireland. The restaurant specialises in fine dining Italian cuisine that is cooked to order with all the freshest and quality ingredients. Pacino’s offers spectacular Italian food but also the cleanest restaurant for a magical dining experience. The restaurant features brickwork, beautiful mosaic tiles, soft lighting, and wooden floors which will create a relaxed and modern atmosphere. Customer satisfaction is the main priority. Enjoy a meal for two or even celebrate a birthday party in style at Pacino’s. Your experience at Pacino’s will be one to remember for both food and cleanliness.

Chapter One   

Chapter One is one of the best restaurants in Dublin. Chapter one brings a great Irish tradition and has one Michelin star in the making. The food is top class with only the finest quality ingredients used. The restaurant offers many different menus some including dinner, tasting, chefs tasting table, and much more. If you are looking for exceptional food and fine dining, then you have come to the right place. The restaurant is elegant and sleek with warm colours and textured fabrics together to create an elegant and comfortable space allowing visitors to relax. An exceptionally clean and spotless restaurant in Dublin city centre.

Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is located at 38 Parnell Square west Dublin, 1. Mr. Fox restaurant is serving the best and the finest quality ingredients to create modern international dishes. It is an informal dining room and an atmospheric bar. The bar and restaurant offer various menus from a la carte, wine, vegetarian, and lunch and pre-theatre. The bar caters for small and large crowds or even just drop into the bar for a quiet cozy drink. A very cozy, clean, and superb bar for food and drinks.

The Greenhouse 

The greenhouse is a 2 Michelin star restaurant located on Dawson Street Dublin. The greenhouse is one of the most popular eating spots in Dublin. Their menus include dinner and lunch. The food is beautifully presented and packed full of flavour and unique tastes. If you are looking for great value, exceptional food, and fine dining in a fabulous restaurant then the greenhouse is the place to go. The greenhouse features eye catching interiors and the cleanliness is superb.

The Riddler   

The Riddler restaurant is in Dublin 8 beside Dublin’s oldest city wall. The restaurant is sure to bring you great delight with the food and the experience. The food is exceptional, the restaurant has great interior inside. The food is certain to impress serving delicious food at, great value. Quality and fresh produce served with a personality to last a lifetime. If you are looking for something different then the Riddler is the place to go.

London Restaurants  

Fifty Cheyne   

Fifty Cheyne restaurant is located off old Chelsea by the River Thames London. The food and décor are outstanding. The menus have a hint of the homeland with only the finest British ingredients used for all dishes. The restaurant has an upstairs and a downstairs section. Upstairs is very elegant, clean, and spacious with beautiful interior features. If you are feeling peckish this is the place to go for some superb and tasty food. The restaurant offers a wide range of menus including a la carte, Sunday lunch, afternoon tea, dessert, bar menu, and Saturday brunch.

Simpsons in the Strand   

Simpson’s is opened since 1828, serving the finest British food in London, UK. Luxury can be found at every corner in Simpson’s from the bar, dining room, and spacious event space upstairs. The team working at Simpson’s are passionate and love what they do. Simpsons is one of London’s oldest English traditional restaurants. The art deco cocktail lounge is located on the first floor. The décor is modern yet traditional very tidy and clean and spacious with plenty of lighting. The restaurant’s specialty is Scottish beef on the bone from antique silver-domed trolleys. Customer service is second to none.

14 Hills 

14 Hills is a bar, deli, and restaurant situated in the heart of London’s Square Mile. From the grab and go deli in the daytime, sophisticated dinner, to daytime lunch whether it is for pleasure or business, you will enjoy your experience at 14 Hills restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide range of menus which showcases real British cuisine, with a hint of French flair and seasonal produce from Britain. The restaurant features pergolas and shrubs, and a canopy of evergreen plants. The décor is outstanding with stunning views of London.


Amazónico is in the heart of Mayfair London. The restaurant takes inspiration from the gastronomic heritage and cultural diversity of the Amazon region. The restaurant features natural materials and rainforest inspired greenery. The food is a blend of Latin American and tropical cuisine. From the freshest raw seafood to Peruvian sushi, and grilled fish and meat, you are spoilt for choice. The dining room is a formal setting and features breathtaking décor. Enjoy a high energy space, vibrant atmosphere with great views of the open kitchen located in the lounge and bar. The house band performs nightly Latin inspired jazz to keep guests entertained.

STK Steakhouse 

STK is your modern steakhouse and dining experience situated at the strand, London. The restaurant brings you spectacular food, the perfect ambiance, and first-class service. In STK you will experience fine dining service and superior quality ingredients with all dishes. The restaurant offers various menus including dinner, bar menu, cocktails, and dessert. You will not get a nicer steak anywhere else. Feel the energy and unwind at STK, London’s top prime steak house.

The Advantages of Hygienic Wall Cladding

Hygienic Wall Cladding panels for interiors are used for many renovations, refurbishment, and new build projects for many types of commercial premises.

What Is Hygienic PVC Cladding?

Cladding is a material that attaches to the main structure of buildings, acting almost like a type of “skin”. There are different types of materials used for these projects, and the word “cladding” is the umbrella term dedicated to all the materials used for these purposes.

Hygiene wall cladding is manufactured and designed specifically for environments that need to stay clean. They contain unique features like easy-wipe cleaning and chemical resistance.

The Main Benefits Of Hygienic PVC Cladding

The installation of tiles takes a significant amount of preparation, which also adds a noteworthy cost to the purchase and installation costs.

Hygienic wall cladding takes far less preparation. When it comes to tiles the material has to be laid in individual squares, along with ensuring adequate grouting and accurate alignment.

In addition, PVC hygienic cladding comes it sheets that are larger when compared to tiles, which makes them an alternative that is far more cost-effective when compared to traditional tiling. The installation process is also cost-effective and straightforward.

Hygienic wall cladding is also very simple to keep clean. This is why this type of material is very useful for the areas whereby hygiene is very important, such as laboratories, kitchens, and lavatories.

For example, in a space such as a kitchen, ingredients often splash onto the walls. With hygienic cladding, these surfaces are easy to clean, which often benefits the hygiene rating of the kitchen.

Hygienic wall cladding is also impact-resistant, long-lasting, and durable, which can be extremely useful for sports halls and gyms, where this type of feature is crucial.

Hygiene cladding is also resistant when it comes to chemicals, which is really important in areas such as laboratories and hospitals.

PVC wall cladding can also withstand damp, cold, and heat, which often means that these walls are virtually maintenance-free.

The reasons to choose hygienic wall cladding are numerous Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why many contractors prefer this material:

1. Wall cladding, when compared to traditional tiling, is a much more cost-effective solution.
2. Hygienic wall cladding is much easier to clean, which is vital in spaces whereby hygiene is extremely important.
3. Wall cladding is also long-lasting, durable and impact resistant.
4. This type of material is easy to install efficiently and quickly when using experienced contractors.
5. There is no need for grouting, unlike tiling, which also helps to increase the hygienic qualities of this material.
6. This type of wall cladding is chemical and water-resistant.
7. Hygienic wall cladding is also flame retardant.
8. These types of wall cladding materials can help to increase thermal insulation.
9, Hygienic wall cladding comes in many colours, finishes, and designs. You can also customise them to your exact requirements.
10. Hygienic wall cladding matches up well to different types of commercial settings. For example, offices, schools, offices, restaurants, hospitals, medical centres, veterinary surgeries, care homes, student accommodation and more.

Is Hygienic PVC Cladding Expensive?

Hygienic cladding is among the more cost-effective alternatives when compared to tiles, and can provide the same visual appeal with added benefits and at a far lower cost. The time to install this product is also far less when compared to other methods.

Tiles are often fragile which means they can easily break, this makes them expensive to replace.

In comparison to other types of cladding like stone, brick, or wood, PVC is significantly economical when it comes to its durability. If it does get damaged, it is easy to replace and repair. This type of cladding can also be incorporated with roller shutters and standard pull down shutters.

PVC cladding can even mimic the aesthetics of stone and wood.

How Is Hygienic Wall Cladding Installed?

– The surface should be as flat and dry as possible. It also needs to be free from debris or dust.
– The installation process begins with fixing the 1st internal-corner trim on one end of the wall.
– The length required will need to be measured and cut for the 1st panel, followed by slotting this panel directly into the internal trim.
– The protruding lip from this panel is then secured onto the wall, followed by sliding the following panel in place.
– Many of these panels fit together using a tongue-and-groove joint which ensures an easy and fast installation.
– The process continues onto the other side of a wall, followed by cutting the final panel so that it matches up to the exact measurements of the remaining space, allowing space for the next corner trim.
– The external corners are often used for areas where windows are positioned. These panels can also be cut to accommodate light switches.

Can Hygienic PVC Cladding Be Painted?

PVC cladding is easy to paint, but the surface must be correctly primed and prepared. The surface should be dry, clean, and free from debris or dust.

How To Properly Freeze Food

Correct food storage saves time and money, allowing you to batch cook, save left-overs and money on bulk buying ingredients. So, when good food goes bad because of incorrect storage it is both a waste of time and money.

Identifying the problem and taking steps to change it will make a huge difference in the outcome. Here are some tips to help determine the storage life of your items and how to properly freeze them:


Containers are key when it comes to appropriate food storage and maximizing the space in your freezer. Using a freezer bag is ideal for liquids, fruits, and vegetables, with the bonus of not taking up much space.

You can place them in the freezer on their side to create a flat shape that can be stacked and moved as required. This is ideal when you are planning on freezing multiple items and have limited space.

Freeze Smart

To avoid strange shapes and crushing delicate items, you should freeze them first. Once completed you can stack them in a freezer bag and they will be safe from breakage.

This also helps prevent items from sticking together and having to be unfrozen in batches instead of portions.

Label Everything

While you may have a good memory and the confidence you will recognize the items in your freezer, sometimes this is not the case. Get into the habit of labeling the item with its contents and the date cooked.

This will prevent you from eating something that’s expired or defrosting the wrong item! If you are not sure whether the food is still eatable, make sure to check before consuming it.

Freeze Appropriate Portions

Freezing food is supposed to make your life easier, so ensure the correct amount is stored in one go. This will depend on your household and the appetites of those who live in it.

It is not recommended to try and refreeze food after it is thawed so save yourself having to cook more/eat the same meal for days!

Reduce Air Exposure

Try to ensure there is minimal air in storage containers to prevent freezer burn. If your container isn’t full then you can put plastic wrap over the top of the food to keep it contained.

This will keep your food in the best condition and prevent potential wastage. Where possible try and purchase a range of storage containers to save space and give your food the best conditions possible.

How To Keep Food Hygienic

When it comes to food safety, it is important to keep your food hygienic to avoid cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria. While it may not seem like a big deal, incorrectly storing food can lead to poisoning which can have serious side effects.

To avoid getting ill, you must look after your food and follow certain procedures. If you are unsure of how to look after your kitchen or need to brush up, here are some simple steps to follow:

Correct Food Storage

This is essential to ensure there is no contact between the food and the air. You should keep it in a lidded container or covered with plastic wrapping – taking extra care while it is hot.

It is recommended to invest in some good quality food containers that will keep its contents at a constant temperature. This will help your food stay cool and not fluctuate therefore making it safer.


It is recommended to defrost food in a fridge and not use quick fixes like a microwave or leaving it at room temperature. This is because sudden temperature changes can create a growth of bacteria that can lead to illness.

Where possible – a slow defrost will stop the growth and keep the food safe for consumption.


This is one of the easiest ways to create poor food hygiene. You must take care to use different utensils and chopping boards for raw and cooked food to stop the spread of microorganisms.

Different types of food should also be separated, and utensils used for raw meat should not be used on fresh produce. If you do not have the resources, then be sure to wash up between ingredients to avoid getting sick.

Check The Temperature

The temperature of your food directly affects how much bacteria can inhabit it. Your fridge
should run at or below 4c to ensure its contents are safe.

In contrast, food should be served at a temperature of minimum of 70c to avoid getting in the danger zone. When it is between 15c and 55c, bacteria can multiply rapidly, and food can be spoiled quickly.

If you aren’t certain, then investing a cheap thermometer will assist the process.

Cool Food Quickly

Because of the danger zone, it is important to chill your food rapidly and the temperature drop should take no more than two hours. This will increase the shelf life and help avoid the waste of spoiled food.

If your fridge is in good working order then it should be a simple process.

Keep Everything Clean

This is obvious but ensuring your hands are clean and drying them on a clean towel is essential. Keep long hair tied back as a loose strand may have germs on it that will contaminate food.

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